WinX Mobile Video Converter

WinX Mobile Video Converter is designed to give you a brand-new video converting and editing experience across Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Amazon Kindle Fire, Microsoft WP8, Google Nexus, Apple iPhone, iPad, Nokia, etc. It’s time to manage your video files and give them a new look!

Top Reasons to Choose WinX Mobile Video Converter

1. Support 320 video codecs and 60 audio codecs.
2. Convert Blu-ray M2TS videos, HDTV videos and any videos from Internet, camcorders, etc.
3. Build with 200 profiles, covering about 60 popular Android and WP8 mobile phones/tablets.
4. Deliver 15x faster real-time conversion speed with first-class video audio quality.

Key features:

1. Support MKV, AVCHD, M2TS, WMV, AVI, MP4, MPEG, FLV, VPX 8, WebM videos, etc, as input.
2. Convert any videos to Android phones, e.g. The New HTC One, Galaxy S3/S4, Motorola, Acer and iPhone, Nokia, etc.
3. Convert and play any videos on Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, HTC, Samsung, Asus, iPad and other tablets.
4. Grab music from YouTube & videos to MP3/AAC/FLAC/ALAC audio.
5. Edit videos by enabling merging, scropping, trimming, and adding external *.srt subtitle to your downloaded movies.
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26 votes Vote

Conversions from Windows Media Center files (.wtv) don't recognize/include the audio track

The video converts, but no audio in the destination, as no video tracks are recognized in the source
VideoJockey, 01.06.2013, 10:02
6 votes Vote

Kindle conversion make more transparent and easy

I have just downloaded and installed this product, and immediately found difficulty in converting a sample video on my windows7 to be able to convert it for my kindle.
Brian Copeland, 01.06.2013, 10:26
3 votes Vote

Support a different class of mobile device

I recomend supporting other types of mobile devices for instance mobile projectors for example AIPTEK Pico Projector V10 that requires some very specific codec and file types to be able to work and only comes with a very poor cut down arcsoft...
TK, 01.06.2013, 13:19
3 votes Vote

Add support for ATI Stream and CUDA

Add support for ATI Stream and CUDA to speed up the conversion for users with one of both hardware abilities.
kin0seC, 02.06.2013, 04:39
1 vote Vote

conversion for Nook

tinkertool, 01.06.2013, 16:45
1 vote Vote

Add a estimated filesize preview.

An estimated filesize preview of the output file would be a nice feature, that also would help to choose a different output format, depending on the size.
kin0seC, 02.06.2013, 04:35